The course is available on Packt and Udemy.


  • sections marked with (EX) are only available with an EX license

Adding Text Via the Story Editor (EX)

  • configure Preferences… > Edit Text to your liking
    • New text > How to insert new text
      • Always create new layer allows you to move each text on canvas independently
    • New text > New text property:
      • Selected text tool property to easy configure each new text
    • View > Direction:
      • Horizontal
  • open the story editor via Story > Edit text > Open story editor
    • enter the text from your script before starting the drawing process, so that you don't run out of space for the text

Adding Text Using the Text Tool

  • use Text > Text to add text to a document
  • make a follow up text in a different word ballon by moving the mouse until you get a small plus (+) under the cursor

Searching and Replacing in the Entered Text (EX)

  • Story > Edit text > Search and replace

Creating Word Balloons Using the Word Balloon Tools

  • use Balloon > Rounded balloon, Balloon > Ellipse balloon, Balloon > Curve balloon and Balloon > Balloon pen to draw balloons
  • use Balloon > Balloon tail and Balloon > Thought balloon tail to draw tails
  • use follow up texts to have the balloons intersect nicely

Using Materials to Create Word Balloons

  • use balloons from All materials > Manga material > Balloon
  • to save an image as a balloon
    • make the image with a transparent background and using at least 300dpi
    • Paste operation > Scale up/down checked
    • Paste operation > Adjust after pasting
    • Specify overlay checked
      • Balloon/Text etc.
    • Location somewhere under All materials > Manga material > Balloon
    • add appropriate tags