The course is available on Packt and Udemy.

Adding 3D Objects from the Material Library

  • all 3D objects are located under All Materials > 3D

Manipulating 3D Objects

  • when selecting a 3D object, a movement manipulator appears above it
  • the manipulator allows you to change the camera view or change the position and rotation of the object as a whole
  • read more more
  • select part of object to rotate only it
  • blue disks can be dragged
  • clicking multiple times on the blue disks changes edit mode between local and full body
  • right click on a part to lock it in space
    • a blue box will show that it is locked
  • hand posing can be done easier through the Tool Property panel

Manipulating the 3D Camera

  • the first 3 tools from the movement manipulator are for changing the camera view, not the model
  • you can load a camera angle preset using the 4th button from the bottom toolbar, the object launcher

Using Preset Poses and Saving Custom Poses to the Materials Library

  • to use a save pose, select it from the materials browser and drag&drop over your character
  • to save a pose, use the Register full body pose as material from the object launcher
    • store the pose under the All Materials > 3D > Pose > Full body
    • give it some useful name and tags
  • you can use the drop down from the button to save the left or right hand pose, too

Customizing Characters

  • each model has its own custom options
  • use the object launcher or the Tool property to make your changes