The course is available on Packt and Udemy.

Quirk Panels Using Material Templates

  • frames are under All Materials > Manga Materials > Framing template

Using the Rectangle and Polyline Frame Tools

  • to manually create frames, use the ols from Frame Border > Create frame

Using the Frame Border Pen

  • use the Frame Border > Create frame > Frame border pen to make free hand drawn frames

Editing Panels Using the Divide Frame Folder and Tools

  • use tools from Frame Border > Cut frame border to split an existing frame
  • start with a big rectangular frame
  • use the divide tools to split it into smaller ones
    • Divide frame folder splits the frame into two separate frames, each with its own folder and layer mask
    • Divide frame border only splits the border, but keeps everything inside the original frame folder

Resizing and Editing Existing Panels

  • select the panel with the Operation > Object tool
  • drag the red rectangles to change the border corners
  • drag the corner blue dots to resize the frame
  • drag the middle blue dots to move a frame side
  • click the small triangle to grow the frame till the edge of the page
  • you can interact with neighboring frames if you select Snap to other frame borders