The course is available on Packt and Udemy.


  • sections marked with (EX) are only available with an EX license

Accessing the Page Manager (EX)

  • if not shown, show it via Story > Page Manager
  • change its position via Story > Page Manager Layout
    • the setting will be used the next time the manager is shown, so you might need to close it first to get the new layout

Rearranging and Deleting Pages (EX)

  • all operations done in the Page Manager
  • select a range of pages with Shift
  • select individual multiple pages with Ctrl
  • drag and drop the pages to change their order
  • select the left page and use Story > Combine… to join with the right page into a spread
  • select a spread and use Story > Split… to split a spread into two pages

Editing Basic Page Settings and Basic Work Settings (EX)

  • use Story > Change basic page settings… to change the settings of the selected page
  • use Story > Change basic work settings… to change the settings for all pages