The course is available on Packt and Udemy.

Making Custom Page Sizes

  • multi-page options are available only with the EX
    • with a PRO license, the template will have only size, dpi and color depth
  • Binding (finish) size is the size of the magazine after cutting it
  • Default border (inner) size is the default drawable area
  • the paper size should be larger than binding size plus bleed width

Applying Framing Templates

  • check the Template checkbox and select a frame template from the list
  • each page in the document will have this frame template applied to it

Creating and Applying a Cover Template

  • make a new document
  • create your cover template
  • merge everything into one layer
  • leave transparent the parts that should change
  • hide the paper layer
  • select Edit > Register Material > Template…
    • provide a good name
    • probably check the Specify overlay
    • store under All materials > Manga material > Framing template or other sensible location
    • add some sensible tags
  • when making a new multi-page document with a cover template, the template will be applied to both the first and the last page


  • only materials save as template are shown when creating a new document