The course is available on Packt and Udemy.


  • sections marked with (EX) are only available with an EX license

Creating a New File

  • use File > New … or the button on the main toolbar
  • for single page comics, select Comic for Use of work

Creating a New Multiple Page File (EX)

  • check the Multiple pages to create a multi-page document
  • check the Combine into two-page spreads to have every opposing pages combined from start
    • pages can be combined later, too

Using Cover Pages (EX)

  • when creating a new document, check the Cover page to insert covers
  • you can use different properties (like paper color, basic expression color, resolution, …) for the covers

Adding Story Titles, Author Name, and Folio Information (EX)

  • you can add all of these when creating a new multipage document