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Basic Rulers

  • located under Ruler
  • draw a ruler, then select a pen and draw over the ruler to snap to it
    • make sure the Snap to ruler is checked
  • rulers are by default linked to a layer
  • you can make the ruler be available on all layers from the Layer panel
  • Linear ruler: a line (straight or curved)
  • Curved ruler: a polyline (straight or curved)
  • Figure ruler: rectangles, ellipses, etc…
  • Guide ruler: vertical or horizontal guides
    • make sure Snap to guide is checked if you want to use them for drawing

Special Rulers

  • under Ruler > Special ruler
  • modify a ruler by selecting it with Operation > Object
    • disable by clicking on the small diamond
    • move the circle control points to change it
    • drag the plus control to move the ruler
  • if the Snap to special ruler is checked, lines drawn will snap to it, even if drawn far away from the ruler
  • for Parallel curve and Multiple curve rulers, dbl-click the mouse to finish the ruler

Using the Symmetrical Ruler

  • under Ruler > Symmetrical ruler
  • can create a mirror, mandala or kaleidoscope
  • can change the number of lines
    • for an even number of lines, you can enable Line symmetry
    • if Line symmetry is unchecked (or the number of lines is odd), you get a radial symmetry centered in the ruler's center

Using the Stream Line Tools

  • under Figure > Stream Line
  • allows to generate special effects:
    • scattered stream line
    • dark stream line
    • gloom
    • rain
  • use Operation > Object to modify the stream after drawing it

Saturated Line Tools

  • under Figure > Saturated
  • available effects:
    • scattered saturated line
    • dark saturated line (curve)
    • dark saturated line
    • brightness
    • burst

Selecting a ruler

  • you can temporarily select and modify a ruler while pressing Cmd key, even if your current active tool is a pen, for example