Constructive form homework for traditional painting tutorials from ctrl+paint.

Constructive Form Pt. 1


  • use simple primitives like cubes, cylinders, spheres, etc to represent the form
  • start from big and go to small
  • add smaller details last
  • keep this stage only as a road-map, using a blue pencil
  • draw from imagination the object rotated from another angle

Constructive Form Pt. 1.5


  • draw/imagine a grid over the form
  • wrap the lines around the form
  • practice this by doing still life drawings

Constructive Form Pt. 2


  • draw over the blue pencil under-drawing using a HB pencil
  • use the under-drawing as a road-map
  • add details and character

(Alternate Order) The Constructive Form Miniseries

Another way to view these videos is by following the constructive form miniseries.


  • find some simple 3d reference

  • decompose it in simple 3d primitives

  • draw it as you see

  • draw it from other angle

  • reference from sketchfab

Reference from
Reference from