Part three of the ctrl+paint's Digital Painting 101 continues with the digital brush and eraser.

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ctrl+paint Brush & Eraser Tool Preset

Matt from ctrl+paint offers this tool preset .tpl:

Tool Description
Technical Pen brush, round, very small
Soft Eraser eraser, round, soft edges, medium
Hard Eraser eraser, round, hard edges, medium
Soft Round Brush brush, round, soft edges, medium
Hard Round Brush brush, round, hard edges, medium
Flat Brush brush, round, flattened horizontally, hard edges, medium


  • tool presets .tpl are newer and better than custom brushes .abr
  • a tool preset can also save the current color of the brush



  • use the original photoshop tool preset .tpl
  • brush tool: B
  • eraser tool: E
  • drawing line segments: Click, then Shift + Click
  • horizontal or vertical lines: hold Shift while using the brush tool
  • brush diameter slider
    • win: Alt + Right Click
    • macOS: Option + Right Click or Control + Option + Click, drag vertically

Clip Studio Paint

  • you can try these clip studio paint subtool presets
  • by default, B cycles through Brush, Airbrush and Decoration tools
  • by default, E is assigned to the Eraser tool
  • you can create a single tool group, but you'll not be able to switch between the eraser and brush with the keyboard easily – you could create two groups, one for the brushes and one for the erasers, assign them B and E shortcuts and remove these from the default tools (Brush, Airbrush, Decoration and Erasers)
  • drawing line segments: Click, then Shift + Click
  • horizontal or vertical lines: not supported
  • brush diameter slider
    • win: Ctrl + Alt + drag
    • macOS: Command + Option + drag


  • see bellow table for brush alternatives
  • toggle a brush into an eraser: E
  • drawing line segments: V + Click
  • horizontal or vertical lines: V + Click+ Shift (after clicking)
  • brush diameter slider
    • win/macOS: Shift + horizontal drag
Tool Krita Equivalent
Technical Pen Basic 1
Soft Eraser Eraser Circular
Hard Eraser Eraser Soft
Soft Round Brush Basic-2 Opacity, Softness Enabled, Fixed at 10%
Hard Round Brush Basic-2 Opacity
Flat Brush Basic-2 Opacity, Brush Tip Ratio 0.2

Autodesk Sketchbook

  • you can try this sketchbook pro brush set
  • rotation change on canvas: / + drag
  • opacity on canvas: O + drag or B + drag vertically
  • size on canvas: B + drag horizontally
  • toggle between last 2 brushes: S
  • ruler: R
  • diagonal lines: D
  • XP-Pen stylus second button set to toggle between pen/eraser: will toggle between last selected brush (it can be even a brush) and last used brush



  • you can try these procreate custom brushes
  • opacity: use opacity slider
  • size: use size slider
  • rotation: from brush settings
  • straight lines: draw and hold

ArtStudio Pro

  • you can try these artstudio pro custom brushes
  • set Artstudio > Preferences > Apple Pencil/Third Party Stylus > Apple Pencil > Finger Function When Pencil Is Connected to Adjust Brush Size/Opacity
    • opacity on canvas: drag with finger vertically
    • size on canvas: drag with finger horizontally
  • brush tool: B
  • eraser tool: E
  • rotation: from brush settings

Infinite Painter

  • you can try these infinite painter custom brushes
  • flow/opacity: you can set flow or opacity as active and then just drag over the button or click it to show a dialog
  • size/angle: click on the button to get a dialog with size and angle or set one as default and drag over the button

Craft Pro

  • only 5 brushes available
  • no eraser: use the paper color to erase
  • no soft brushes

Autodesk Sketchbook

  • can't define custom brushes
  • Designer library might be ok
  • use the size and opacity/flow slider to set these on canvas