The second part of the Beginner Figure Drawing Fundamentals covers the topic of Bending and Twisting forms and looks on how to go about measuring the Three-Quarter position.


  • construction
    • parts/movement across the form
    • corners
  • gesture
    • movement of the forms
    • curves

Squash, Stretch & Twist

  • we have a natural tendency to draw using front or side views
    • this stiffens the image
    • the drawing gets even stiffer when adding details and clothing
    • fight this
    • keep a fluid gesture
    • exaggerate!!!
  • bean form
    • stretch + squash
    • leaning + tilting
  • twisting
    • contra pasto = opposite position
  • twist will always have an S-shape

3/4 View

  • the center line splits the torso into a narrow and a wider side
  • measure how many times the narrow side is wider than the other side
    • with time you can eye-ball

Warm Up Notes

  • use modeling clay to make bean forms and sketch them on paper

Timed Drawing