Watched another gesture drawing class, Creating a Dynamic Character: Gesture Drawing by Patricia Caldeira.

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NSFW: Not Safe for Work

Take about 10-20 mins a day for gesture drawing.

Sketching Time

  • line of action:
    • longest line of the body and shows flow of the body
    • usually from head to toes
    • can also show where the weight of the body is, for example which foot they are resting on
    • gesture drawing captures movement and pose of the figure
  • biggest shape:
    • draw the bigger shape
    • try to capture the figure inside it
    • focus on the flow
  • add shapes for other parts of the body
    • arms, legs, torso
    • keep in mind the flow

Cleaning Up the Sketch

  • take your gesture drawing and clean it up, adding details

The Assignment

  • go to Line of Action
  • select
    • standard mode
    • 2 min or less
  • do 5 to 7 sketches
  • pick one and clean it up
  • optional: tell a story with your character