Trying another drawing course from Skillshare: Drawing Mastery : From Basics to Advanced Techniques by Mandar Marathe.

Drawing Materials

Kneaded Eraser

  • mold the eraser into a cylinder and roll it over the drawing with your palm to uniformly lighten it

Angle Measurement and Enveloping Technique - Part 1

  • in angle measurement technique, measure angles as time (express the angles in time, like 1 o'clock, 3:15, 5 o'clock, …)
  • in envelope technique, imagine as if the subject is wrapped in plastic wrap and see what lines the plastic sheet will make (join the outermost points of the subject with straight lines)
  • start with no more than 6 lines to complete the outline of the subject and then go into mapping smaller shapes, step by step
  • for the first two passes of drawing, use only straight lines and no curved ones

Wooden elephant (from course photo reference)
Wooden elephant (from course photo reference)