Today I've finally finishing The Art & Science of Drawing, so I've started looking for my next drawing course from Skillshare.

After watching a couple of less interesting ones, I've decided to make the assignment for the Charcoal & Graphite - Shading Techniques one.

Emmy Kalia uses this technique to shade:

  • add a layer of graphite or charcoal
  • smooth it with a tissue or blending stump
  • add one more layers
  • smooth it
  • … and so on until you get the desired result

In her demo, Emmy shaded completely the sphere and then the ground cast shadow, but I prefer Brent's technique, where I draw the object, the line of termination, the cast shadow and than start shading the whole drawing, not one part at a time.

For the assignment I've used:

  • paper:
    • A3 copy paper
  • pencils:
    • Koh-I-Noor Gioconda Negro
    • Graphite HB-8B
    • Koh-I-Noor Sepia Dark
    • Conte Pierre Noire HB
  • blending:
    • paper tissue
    • paper blending stump

The assignment
The assignment