Day 2 of Week 8 of The Art & Science of Drawing discusses the concave forms (with cavities), reflected light and reflected shadow condition.

The Bowl

  • on highly reflected objects we can see the reflected shadow in addition to the reflected light
  • the cast shadow's value depends on the color of the object (on dark objects, the shadow is darker, on light objects, the shadow is lighter)
  • the cast shadow inside a cavity might be lighter than that cast by the object on the surface it sits on due to the light reflect on the cavity's walls (this depends on the reflectivity of the walls, the depth and color of the cavity)

The Bowl Demo

  • draw the bowl, the lines of terminations and the cast shadows
  • lay a wash value in the termination area and slightly darker in the interior cast shadow
  • draw the exterior cast shadow
  • darken the core shadow
  • darken the reflected shadow
  • darken the interior cast shadow
  • start adding details and subtleties
  • darken the area the object sits on
  • add highlights (with the eraser)

The Coffee Cup

  • similar with the bowl
  • in addition, we have the cup handle
  • the cup handle has its own line of termination, core shadow, etc
  • if the cup is highly reflective, we can also have a reflection of the handle on the cup itself
  • the cast shadow can also contain the shadow made by the handle

The assignment

  • do a minimum of two drawings of concave objects (can use the same object in different light conditions or arrangement)

Small bowl
Small bowl
The assignment
The assignment