Starting Week 8 of The Art & Science of Drawing, the last week of the course. Day 1 teaches you how to shade the cone and the egg.

The Cone

  • similar with the cylinder

The Egg (or the Ovoid)

  • hybrid volume
  • can be approximated with two half-spheres (a larger and a smaller one) connected by a tapered cylinder

Multiple Volumes

  • pay close attention to the reflected light bouncing from one object onto another


  • start by draw the forms’ shape, the lines of termination and the cast shadows
  • lay a wash of light value inside the line of termination of each object
    • also shade the cast shadow done by an object onto another
  • important: when shading multiple objects, build value on all objects at the same time, permanently comparing the values
  • do a basic shading of the shadows cast on the ground plane
    • leave the cast shadows on object for later
    • also leave the darkest value of the occlusion shadow until you know all shadow conditions work together correctly
  • draw the core shadow and shadows cast on objects
  • draw the reflected light and mid-tones
  • lighten the highlight with your kneaded eraser
  • continue adding details and subtleties

The Assignment

  • materials:
    • a pencil, a piece of paper & an eraser of your choice
    • a cone & an egg (or ovoid)
    • a light source to light your volumes
  • do a minimum of two drawing of the cone & the egg placed next to one another, but in different arrangements

Setup 1
Setup 1
Setup 2
Setup 2
The assignment
The assignment