Day 2 of Week 7 of The Art & Science of Drawing is all about the line of termination.

Line of Termination

  • the boundary where light ends and shadow begins
  • separates the lights from the darks
  • synonyms:
    • terminator
    • turning edge

Light & Form

Form shadow

Any shadow condition that occurs on the object itself.

Cast shadow

Shadow created by the form by blocking the light from hitting the adjacent surfaces.

Light or Shadow?

  • any plane hit with direct light is considered in light
  • any plane not hit with direct light is considered in shadow

First Steps in Shading

  • finding the line of termination
  • draw it lightly
  • fill in the shadow side of the subject with a uniform No. 3 value

The Assignment

  • find a sphere, a cube & a cylinder
    • or use some images of real objects
  • find a directional light
    • a simple desk lamp will do
  • practice lighting your subjects
    • experiment with & observe the effect of light on your subjects
  • do a simple drawing of each object lit by a single, directional light source
  • draw lightly the line of termination
  • fill the shadow side of the object with a value No. 3