Barely managed to finish Day 4 of Week 4 in time. Today lesson was about drawing cup rims and handles.


  • draw the back half of the outer ellipse (this is the exterior contour of the rim)
    • don't draw the front half
  • draw the front half of the inner ellipse (this is the interior)
    • don't draw the back half


  • draw the bounding box of the handle
  • draw the handle on one side of the box
  • extrude it on the other side, by drawing parallel lines (they should converge to the same vanishing point!)


  • find a coffee cup or other vessel with a rim and a handle
  • draw your subject 5 times
  • in each drawing, your subject should be in a different position

Materials used:

  • graphite B pencil
  • wrapping paper

Cup 1 Cup 2 Cup 3 Cup 4 Cup 5 The assignment