Finished Day 3 of Week 4 too late yesterday night to be able post anything, so here you have it.

Represent a box in perspective

To represent a box that is not sitting on the horizontal ground plane:

  • draw the front edge (at an angle)
  • decide where you want to have the horizon line
    • it should be perpendicular to the front edge
  • decide where you want your vanishing points to be
  • continue drawing the box as normal, but using the slanted horizon line

Splitting boxes

  • the center of a box side is where its diagonals intersect
  • you can split a side into quadrants by:
    • finding the center
    • drawing lines parallel with the sides (the line should converge at the same vanishing point the lines it is parallel with converge to)
  • use this process to slice your cube and find new complex forms


  • draw 25 boxes in perspective, with different sizes, side ratios and space orientation
  • draw 5 boxes:
    • divide each plane of each box in quadrants
    • practice slicing the 5 boxes to create new volumes

Everything could be done from imagination or using some boxes as reference.

Materials used:

  • graphite B pencil
  • wrapping paper

25 boxes in various positions
25 boxes in various positions
spliting 5 boxes
spliting 5 boxes