After some thinking, I've decided to stop using Patreon and build my own web site using Hugo.

Some time ago I had a very bad experience with Wordpress (try to move a site from a host to another and lost all the data in the process) and since then I staid away from it. I guess this shouldn't have happened, but I'm not a web developer. Not yet, anyway! 😁

Since that Wordpress fiasco, I've been using Nikola, a static site generator, to build and manage my homepage. Using Nikola was a bit cumbersome, as I had to bring a lot of Python dependencies to configure my web development environment.

As I plan to publish a bit more now, I've started to look for other options, simpler to configure and mange. Did some research and I've decided to give Hugo a try. After more than two weeks of learning and trying various configurations and hugo themes, I think the new site is ready for the world.

The site is using a customized version of the KeepIt theme. Another theme I've investigated was Bilberry, but in the end I've decided KeepIt is closer to what I need.

I've finished moving all my existing Patreon articles and unpublish my Patreon creator page and, from now on, all my posts will be done here. I'll post the new links on Twitter and Facebook in a couple of days, so please excuse me if you've already viewed them while they were hosted on Patreon.

Here are two nice tutorials, if you are interested in learning more about Hugo:

The second one is a nice to have, but the free one by Mike Dane should be more than enough to get you started. Plus the Hugo docs.

Always read the docs…