Lost a lot of time yesterday learning iMovie in order to use it to edit the time-lapses made by Procreate, so had to burn some midnight oil in order to do my homework for Week 1 / Day 3, mostly lines and angles.

Drawing lines

The method of drawing lines is similar with that for circles and ovals:

  • select (or mark) your start and end points
  • ghost the line between the points
  • lightly draw it

As when drawing circles and ovals, use the wrist, arm or shoulder to draw the lines, based on how big they are. If possible, try to use the shoulder.

Drawing squares and rectangles

Once you've learned to draw lines, you can use them to draw squares and rectanges.

Evaluating angles

Learning to evaluate angles is very important. Here's a good exercise for this is:

  • draw 2 lines that intersect at 90°
  • split the angle in 2 to get a line at 45°
  • try to guess the lines at 15° from the 45° (the lines at a 30° or 60° angle)
  • draw the lines at 15° and 75°


Now you can draw triangles!


For today we had to pause and draw what was on screen. That consisted in:

  • squares and rectangles
  • lines at 0°, 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75° and 90°
  • equilateral and isosceles triangles
  • triangles
  • quadrilaterals

For an extra challenge, we had to copy a complex shape!

Circles and ovals warm-up
Circles and ovals warm-up
Practice lines and angles
Practice lines and angles
Pause & Draw: Quadrilaterals & Bonus
Pause & Draw: Quadrilaterals & Bonus