painter's grid

Language/Frameworks: C#/XAML

Platform: Windows Phone

Developed: 2013


Draw like Da Vinci and Dürer with the help of the grid.

  • Take a picture (or use one from your photo-roll), scale it, rotate it, pan it.
  • Add a grid to it. Pan and scale the grid.
  • Save the project when finished.

When ready to draw, load the project and press the start button. A counter will keep track of the time you spend on the project.

The bigger the phone, the better.

While drawing, the screen saver is suspended, so watch your battery.

IMPORTANT: this is not an application for drawing. On the contrary, it is intended to be used as a reference while drawing on another media (be it traditional media, like paper, or a second electronic device, like a tablet).


Main page with available projects


Project editor


Image editor: allows you to select the image, zoom and rotate the image and scale and position the grid


Project view


Project view showing the time spent on the project